UVFLOORx™– A Pioneering UV-C and FAR-UV Floor-Based Disinfection!

UVFLOORx™ is the encapsulation of state-of-the-art UV-C and FAR-UV floor surface disinfection, utilizing UV light source technology to produce a clean streamlined UV disinfection station that will contribute to providing a clean and safe environment

UVFLOORx™ is ADA compliant, with its low profile catering to both rapid deployable and permanent installation demands. It is intended to be usable in most medical and process manufacturing environments. Furthermore, it is water and dust-resistant, allowing cleaning staff to continue with their normal floor maintenance methods.

This combination of characteristics ensures that UVFLOORx™ not only meets accessibility standards but also adheres to best practices in maintenance, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution appropriate for a wide range of locations and applications

UVFLOORx™ uses specially designed weight detection sensors to ensure proper turn-on and turn-off of the custom designed 222nm and 254nm UV light source ensuring the UV-C and FAR-UV light sources are targeting the user’s foot, ensuring user safety

The Future of Disinfected Footwear and Floors:

Using the most recent UV-C and FAR-UV light source technology, the UVFLOORx™ device eliminates over 99.99% of potentially hazardous bacteria in 10 seconds. The operating system features and custom manufactured light source are made specifically to destroy bacteria more effectively than other light source technologies.

The short-wavelength UV light’s energy is absorbed by the RNA and DNA of the germs, destroying their nucleic acids, and stopping them from spreading and reproducing.

It is an effective solution for hospitals, manufacturing clean rooms, experimental laboratories, pharmaceutical compounding, life science, and other commercial facilities looking for ways to disinfect surfaces.

Step into the Future of Disinfection with UVFLOORx™

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