Revolutionizing Healthcare Hygiene!

Welcome to the future of healthcare hygiene with UVFLOORx™, a groundbreaking solution designed to combat the rising threat of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). In an era where infectious diseases pose a significant risk, UVFLOORx™ emerges as an innovative and automated floor-based UV-C and FAR-UV foot disinfection station, redefining healthcare standards.

The Challenge:

Healthcare facilities have long struggled with the challenge of controlling infections within their premises. Despite advancements, virulent strains of pathogens such as Clostridium Difficile, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) continue to challenge conventional treatment methods. The rise of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms compounds the issue, increasing healthcare costs and endangering patient safety.

Remarkably, healthcare facility floors, a critical area often overlooked, have been identified as a significant source of transmission. The research proves that floors accumulate deadly pathogens from airborne sources. These contaminants are then transported into critical care areas through footwear and medical equipment, contributing to a startling statistic of 98,987 annual deaths or 271 people per day.

The Solution:

UVFLOORx™ a revolutionary UV-C and FAR-UV foot disinfection station developed by a team of healthcare innovators. Leveraging the power of UVC and FAR-UV Light Sources, this system is engineered to eliminate over 99.99% of potentially harmful microbes in 10 seconds. Utilizing specifically designed market leading Light Source technology, uv-FlooRx produces unparalleled efficiency in bacterial elimination compared to other technologies.

The short-wavelength UV light generated by UVFLOORx™ penetrates the cellular RNA and DNA of microbes, causing damage that prevents them from infecting and reproducing. In the face of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, UVC and FAR-UV light sources emerge as a formidable defense with no natural resistance.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: UVFLOORx™ employs the latest UV-C and FAR-UV Light Source technology for swift and efficient bacterial elimination.
  • Proprietary Light Sources: Market-leading Light Sources ensure superior performance, setting UVFLOORx™ apart from the competition.
  • Scalable Operating System: A state-of-the-art operating system allows for customization for compliance and overall usage, offering real time insights through data management integrations.

Invest in Health, Invest in UV FLOORx™:

As the threat of infectious diseases continues to escalate, UVFLOORx™ stands as a beacon of hope for healthcare facilities. Hospitals, manufacturing clean rooms, experimental laboratories, pharmaceutical compounding labs, and life science facilities can now fortify their defense against deadly pathogens.

Don’t wait for the next outbreak— contact UVFLOORx™ today and invest in a footwear disinfecting station that protects every individual who walks through your doors. Let’s build a healthier and safer tomorrow together.

Join us in revolutionizing surface disinfection. Get UVFLOORx™ today!