In the vast and critical realm of the food industry, an unwavering commitment to safety and cleanliness is paramount. This multifaceted industry grapples with a multitude of challenges, including stringent regulations, disruptions in the supply chain affecting food safety, and evolving consumer preferences. Ensuring sustainability, striking a balance between innovation and tradition, and meeting diverse dietary needs present ongoing hurdles. Adapting to these challenges is not merely a choice but a necessity for the industry’s enduring resilience and expansion.

UVFLOORx™ emerges as the ultimate solution for maintaining impeccable hygiene and infection control within the food business. Our specialized expertise revolves around excelling in these pivotal domains. We have meticulously crafted creative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the retail and food service/institutional sectors, encompassing retailers, producers, distributors, and end users.

The Significance of disinfection and Food Safety

The food industry is inherently susceptible to the threat of food contamination incidents. A single product recall or a significant mishap can result in substantial financial setbacks, often costing millions of dollars, and severely damage your company’s reputation. We comprehend the gravity of these risks and are fully committed to assisting you in mitigating them. Our primary goal is to equip you with the essential tools and services needed to uphold the highest hygiene and food safety standards. Through our infection control solution,UVFLOORx™, we can ensure that your brand not only flourishes but also maintains its enduring association with excellence, quality, and the assurance of safe food.

The Food Industry Segments:

The food sector is vast and diverse, divided into two segments:

Retail: Manufacture to Stores

Food Service/Institutional: Distributors to End Users


The importance of top-tier sanitation is highly critical in the retail segment, which encompasses both stores and manufacturers. Maintaining a highly disinfected workplace is not only a good practice but a business need with the growing trend of ready-to-eat meals produced in store commissaries. We recognize the value of safeguarding your brand’s food safety and reputation to maintain its financial stability.

Food Service/Institutional

Food service and institutional sectors, which consists of distributors and end users, is the other end of this spectrum. Distributors play an essential role in the supply chain, ensuring the production of components and ingredients in sanitary environments. These vital food elements are crucial for end users, including cafeterias, restaurants, and institutional kitchens, enabling them to deliver safe and delicious meals to their valued customers.

By addressing the possible risk of bacteria spreading through foot traffic into food preparation facilities, our complete infection control program protects both the general public’s health and your reputation.

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UVFLOORx™: Setting New Standards in UV-C and FAR-UV Foot Disinfection.

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