Efficacy of UVFLOORx™ In Healthcare, Cleanrooms, and Food Industry Infection Control.

In recent years, healthcare, cleanrooms, and food manufacturing facilities have become increasingly vigilant about infection control, particularly in critical care and cleanroom areas where the risk of pathogen transmission is high. Of notable concern is the contamination of hospital floors and the role of footwear in the spreading of pathogens. A study assessing floor contamination using a non-pathogenic viral surrogate marker (Surrogate Pathogen) revealed alarming findings. The study demonstrated the potential for hospital floors to act as a source of pathogen dissemination, with footwear being a major carrier of contaminants. The results indicated that on both day 1 and day 2, footwear was consistently found to be 100% contaminated.

The study’s findings underscore the importance of addressing floor contamination and the role of footwear in healthcare settings. In response to this critical issue, Harbor Innovation has developed UVFLOORx™, a highly effective footwear disinfection station specifically designed to mitigate contamination levels on floors and curb the spread of pathogens from footwear into critical care and cleanroom areas.

Analysis And Test Result

1. Action Time: 10s

2. Conditions of Actions: Bactericidal carrier close to the sample glass.

3. Action carrier: Slide Carrier

Test Organism Test Times Average cfu of testing groups (cfu/ piece) Average cfu of positive controls (cfu/ piece) Killing Log Value Killing Rate (%)
Escherichia coli 8099 1 <5 2.0 X 106 >5.60 >99.99
2 <5 2.3 X 106 >5.66 >99.99
3 <5 2.1 X 106 >5.62 >99.99
Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 1 <5 2.0 X 105 >5.60 >99.99
2 <5 1.7 X 105 >5.53 >99.99
3 <5 2.2 X 105 >5.64 >99.99
Candida albicans ATCC 10231 1 3.2 X 103 8.0 X 105 2.39 99.60
2 4.1 X 103 9.5 X 105 2.37 99.57
3 2.0 X 103 7.0 X 105 2.55 99.71
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 43300 1 <5 2.2 X 106 >5.64 99.99
2 <5 1.8 X 106 >5.56 99.99
3 <5 2.1 X 106 >5.62 99.99
Clostridium difficile ATCC 700057 1 <5 7.5 X 105 >5.18 99.99
2 <5 6.5 X 105 >5.11 99.99
3 <5 6.5 X 105 >5.11 99.99

Key Features of UVFLOORx™:

  • Cutting-Edge UV-C and FAR-UV Light Source Technology: UVFLOORx™ utilizes the latest UV-C and FAR-UV Light Source technology proprietarily developed by, which boasts a remarkable capability to kill over 99.99% of the most commonly found, deadly microbes in10 seconds. This includes pathogens like C. Diff, Candida Auris, MRSA, E. Coli, and more, making it a necessary requirement fo infection control.


    • C.Diff: 10 seconds – 99.99% Killing Rate – Killing Log Value > 5.18
    • S. Aureus: 10 seconds – 99.99% Killing Rate – Killing Log Value > 5.64
    • MRSA: 10 seconds – 99.99% Killing Rate – Killing Log Value > 5.64
    • E-Coli: 10 seconds – 99.99% Killing Rate – Killing Log Value > 5.66
  • Scalable Data Management: UVFLOORx™ is equipped with a proprietary operating platform that ensures efficient and reliable data management. This platform empowers healthcare facilities with real-time data, enabling facility analytics on foot traffic and scalable outputs for records, staff compliance, and overall usage.

Value Propositions of UVFLOORx™:

  • Reduced Footwear Contamination: UVFLOORx™ effectively reduces the contamination level on footwear, minimizing the risk of pathogen transmission.
  • Reduced Cross-Contamination: By disinfecting footwear at the point of entry to critical care and cleanroom areas, UVFLOORx™ helps prevent cross-contamination within the facility.
  • Lower Risk of HAIs: The use of UVFLOORx™ contributes to lowering the risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI’s), safeguarding both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with infection control regulations and guidelines is simplified and enhanced with UVFLOORx™.
  • Reduced Liability Exposure: Facilities can reduce liability exposure by actively addressing infection control through footwear disinfection.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance: UVFLOORx™ is scalable to generate comprehensive reports and data insights, ensuring that facilities remain compliant and proactive in infection control measures.
  • Cost Reduction: Ultimately, the implementation of UVFLOORx™ can lead to cost savings by preventing infections, reducing healthcare-associated costs, and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Increased Safety: UVFLOORx™ contributes to the overall safety of the healthcare community by eliminating the spread of pathogens within healthcare facilities.

UVFLOORx™ represents a significant advancement in healthcare infection control. By effectively addressing floor contamination and footwear-related pathogen transmission, it offers healthcare facilities a comprehensive solution to enhance patient and employee safety while reducing the risk of infections and associated costs. UVFLOORx™ is not limited to healthcare settings alone; its efficacy extends to cleanrooms and the food industry, where infection control is equally critical.

With its advanced technology, data-driven insights, and comprehensive infection control measures, UVFLOORx™ provides a versatile solution to enhance safety, reduce contamination, and eliminate the risks associated with pathogen transmission across a range of industries. UVFLOORx™ is poised to revolutionize infection control practices, ensuring safer environments for patients, employees, consumers, and products.

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