Harbor Innovation has developed UVFLOORx™, a cost-effective footwear disinfection station to address the challenges of contamination levels on floors and the spread of pathogens from footwear into healthcare critical care or clean room areas.

The point of use UVFLOORx™ footwear station is positioned at the entry of the critical care or cleanroom areas. With the latest in UV-C and FAR-UV technology developed by UVFLOORx™ the footwear sterilization device kills over 99% of the most commonly found, deadly microbes in 10 seconds.

UVFLOORx™ has a proprietary operating platform that provides efficient and reliable data management customized to each customer’s needs.

Upgraded software will also record staff compliance and overall usage, data metrics by station and staff member, and updates on all support requirements for ongoing maintenance of the system.

The UV UVFLOORx™ system is the most advanced footwear sanitizing solution on the market and provides the following value propositions:

  • Increase community, patient, and employee safety.
  • Reduce the contamination level on footwear.
  • Reduce cross contamination.
  • Potential to lower the risk of HAI’s .
  • Enhance regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce liability exposure.
  • Create enhanced reporting and compliance.
  • Reduce cost.