Healthcare facility floors are found to be heavily contaminated with deadly pathogens, yet limited attention has been paid to the disinfection of floors. Research has shown that floors are an astounding source of transmission because they are continuously contaminated by airborne pathogens that settle onto the floor and are then tracked into critical care areas by footwear and medical equipment on casters. The spread of these highly resilient pathogens results in 98,987 deaths annually or 271 people per day in the United States.

As the threat of antibiotic resistant microorganisms increases, new technologies such as UVC LEDs are becoming the method of choice to deliver on demand surface disinfection. As these “superbugs” have no natural defense mechanism to UVC energy. Global spending on infection control which includes chemical and physical disinfection is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 6.5%, reaching $38.61 billion by 2028.